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Medical Cosmetics

  It is not strange to speak of plastic surgery and aesthetics today, but 10 years ago, the concept of plastic surgery, aesthetics, whitening, skin rejuvenation, or wrinkle reduction seemed unfamiliar. While Unistar from Shanghai, is a professional active investment institution which takes a leading role in the fields of plastic surgery and aesthetics.


  In 1999, Unistar first began working on laser medical cosmetic projects. Following quickly in 2000, it focused on the introduction of international advanced plastic surgery technology and actively participated in international and domestic academic symposiums, as well as working with domestic and world-class experts in plastic surgical and technological exchanges and collaborations, gradually formed a national brand as an influential enterprise. In recent years, Unistar's has invested in a variety of plastic surgery organizations, helped the dreams of countless beautiful women come true, and improved their physiological and psychological health.


  As time has gone by, Unistar’s plastic surgery centers have made great progress. The hospitals and health centers it invested in have enjoyed revenue increases of several and even tens of times because of its advanced medical equipment and highly qualified medical team. At the same time, academic research publications in national and international conferences and magazines are at the forefront. Unistar has made great achievements both socially and economically.


  After many years of specialized investment, the company has formed a unique pattern of investment management. With its continuous development, Unistar has successfully established a medical investment service network covering the whole country. In the business process, we choose first-class hospitals in large and medium-sized cities as business partners, invest in world-class diagnostic and treatment equipment, use first-class professional personnel both in technical and medical management, and establish first-class laser treatment centers. In line with this principle, Unistar has established a foundation of specialized investment management in the medical field and has created a good reputation as well as a profound social impact. Unistar has made great contributions to the improvement of health care and public health.