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Ophthalmic Medical Care

  Ophthalmic medical care is an early investment area at Unistar. Unistar pays great attention to introducing world-class eye care technology and management for the investment. Together with both national and international business partners, Unistar is always committed to promote the development of China's ophthalmic care through professional, large-scale and scientific strategies funded by its investments.


  To ensure high quality medical care and in-depth marketing , Unistar constantly tries to explore new possibilities and employs human talents, technology and management to fully absorb the international advanced management experience, maintain a successful medical operation, and to explore management models which can be easily adapted to the Chinese medical system reform and market environment.


  In order to attain the business model of long-term coexistence and mutual benefit, Unistar started to seek partners in the ophthalmic field in China since February 2001. Combining with the hospital personnel and resources as well as its advanced equipment and modern management, Unistar has successfully established cooperative ophthalmology management projects in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Chengdu, Harbin and many other large and medium-sized cities in just a few years. Up until the year 2008, there have been more than 20 well-run cooperative ophthalmologic projects.


  With the further expansion of its investment area and its superior overall strength, Unistar has the confidence and ability to pass the comprehensive assessment of the Department of Currency to deserve long-term financing, and will soon be on the list of "China's Top 50 Companies With the Most Investment Value”.


  During its development, Unistar has fostered a management team with advanced medical administration experience and a pioneering spirit, which will provide guaranteed growth. With the further advancement of China's health care reform, Unistar will comply with the national health policies, continue to focus on ophthalmic medical services, and provide high-quality and multi-level medical services for the public.